It is rightly said, "If the Ganges is the mother, Himalayas is the father. One nurtures and nourishes, the other provides and protects." The Himalayas, the name that translates to the "Abode of Snow", is the mountain range in Asia which houses many of the world's highest mountains such as Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga. The Himalayas cover a distance of approximately 2,400 km and are stretched across India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, and Nepal. The Himalayas cover approximately 75% of Nepal.

With its majestic snow-capped peaks rising tall to kiss the sky, trekking in the Himalayas is always a treat to the senses. Whether you’re a first-time trekker or a seasoned expert in the sport, the trekking trails here are bound to leave you enchanted and wanting for more. 

Whenever you feel that life of the cities has become too monotonous, and you need a break, just pack your bags and go trekking in the Himalayas. The clean air, unpolluted and untouched surroundings, and of course the beauty of the mountains will lift your spirits for sure. In recent times, hiking has become so popular that hordes of travel agencies have started offering well-conceived and organised itineraries for the activity. Whether to escape the urban chaos or just to spend your vacations in the lap of nature, nothing will be as fulfilling as a walk through the serene mountains.

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Manali Hampta Pass Trek With Chandratal - Tour

Manali Hampta Pass Trek With Chandratal

  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  • 5 Nights 6 Days
Starting from ₹ 8,500

The Hampa Pass trek is a perfect combination of the best of Himachal Pradesh: glacial valleys, pine forests, open meadows, limpid waterways and a thrilling adventurous crossing through a high-altitude pass that connects two valleys. In one crossing, you'll move from the greenery of Kullu Valley to the stark valley of Lahaul on the other side. This itinerary gives you a whole day of fun at Chandratal Lake, because you'll be camping a short drive away. With this schedule, you can take in the views and enjoy the lake for longer than most Hampta Pass treks.

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Indrahar pass trek - Tour

Indrahar pass trek

  • Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh
  • 3 Nights 4 Days
Starting from ₹ 5,000

Residing in the lap of Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, Indrahar pass creates a border between Chamba and Kangra districts. This trek starts from Dharamkot village of Dharamshala and passes through the camping spots of Triund.

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Kasol, Kheerganga and Tosh - Tour

Kasol, Kheerganga and Tosh

  • Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
  • 3 Nights 4 Days
Starting from ₹ 4,000

Trilogy Trek includes three pass treks namely Kasol, Tosh and Kheerganga and these all treks are situated in the mountains of Kullu district. Trilogy trek offers you to witness the immense beauty of the Himalayas, rivers and camping grounds.

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Kareri Lake Trek - Tour

Kareri Lake Trek

  • Kareri Khas, Himachal Pradesh
  • 2 Nights 3 Days
Starting from ₹ 3,500

The Kareri Lake, or the Kareri Dal as the locals pronounce it, is perched at a height of about 3300 metres. It is located approximately 9 km away from Dharamshala, in the Kangra district of the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. The temperature at Kareri Lake varies with the seasons. It can go up to 43 degrees during the days in the summer season, while the temperature in the winters hits the negatives. Spring is the best time to take this trek, especially if you wish to see the flora and fauna of the area in full bloom. It is best to avoid the trek during the monsoon season as the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, where the lake is located, receives the highest amount of rainfall in the state. The route to the Kareri Lake can get slippery and dangerous in the monsoonal weather and can lead to accidents.  A trek to Kareri Lake takes its participants in the path of nature’s best - the dense forests consisting of huge pine and oak trees, the green moss covering the boulders around which the streams meander their way, and the spurts of wildflowers shooting out here and there. The lake itself offers to the takers a stunning view of the Dhauladhars, reflected in its surface. The flora during the trek changes with gain in height.

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Prashar Lake - Tour

Prashar Lake

  • Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
  • 1 Night 2 Days
Starting from ₹ 2,500

Prashar Lake is located in Mandi District of HP at an altitude of 2730 mtr (9000 feet). Holy Lake is known for three story Pagoda style Temple of Prashar Rishi and its floating island. Lake is Surrounded by green Meadows & around the meadows are dense alpine forest. Lake also offers Panoramic view of snow clad ranges of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Great Himalayas. Water of the lake is clear and you can spot fishes inside, on a clear day lake appears blue when seen from the surrounding hillocks. Prashar Lake has a perimeter of around 300 meters and a walk around the lake gives a mystical experience of calmness of the surrounding. A visit to Prashar is a perfect mix of spiritual journey and exploring into the serene Himalayan Ranges. Other attractions for Visitors around Prashar Lake area are Sukha-sar, Aadi Brahma Temple & Tunga Mata Temple, you probably will need couple of additional days to cover all of these. There are two hillocks on east and west side of the lake offering perfect bird eye view of the lake for photography & selfies. Views of North are quite open but to get the views of Great Himalayan National park and its peaks you have to climb one of the hills and look towards the east.

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Grahan Village Trek - Tour

Grahan Village Trek

  • Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
  • 1 Night 2 Days
Starting from ₹ 1,800

The Grahan trek starts from the bridge that separates Old Kasol and New Kasol. It follows the true left of Grahan Nallah (stream), the stream that is a highlight of the trek. The gradient on the trail is easy, and you trek up nestled in the beauty of nature beneath towering pine trees. The hike also involves crossing a few wooden bridges, the second bridge marks the halfway point to Grahan. Halfway on the trek, you cross the Nallah over a bridge and hereafter the path is quite uphill. After a steep climb of about an hour, houses are visible, making you arrive in Grahan Village.

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Triund  Camping - Tour

Triund Camping

  • McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh
  • 1 Night 2 Days
Starting from ₹ 1,200

Triund trek in Mcleodganj is a perfect trek for first time hikers or occasional travelers as the route for this trek is not so difficult but camping at the Top of Triund is just a new level experience for any trekker. Night camping is really a fun element on the Triund trek. It is one of the most popular treks for a weekend getaway.

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Beas Kund Trek - Tour

Beas Kund Trek

  • Solang, Himachal Pradesh
  • 2 Nights 3 Days
Starting from ₹ 4,000

Beas Kund trek has always been a famous trek of Manali because it takes you right to the source of the river that flows through the town. This kund branches off into several waterfalls, streams and small water resources. Beas Kund trek is also mentioned in the golden age books.

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Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal Trek - Tour

Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal Trek

  • 8 Nights 9 Days
Starting from ₹ 13,999

Har ki Dun at an altitude of 3566 meter is a delightful trekking experience in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand beginning in the village of Sankri. The valley is also the birth place of the River Tons which creates a panoramic vista through its serpentine route. Melting Jaundhar glacier and twittering of the Himalayan Monal melt the hearts of every onlooker. The wild flora and Fauna of the pristine valley clad in olive green pine trees and the fluttering wild flowers is also a sight to behold. On top of this, the view of the Kalanag peak (6,387 m), Swargarohini I (6,252m), Bandarpunch (6,316) and the low lying Hata peak , gives you a glimpse of all the major peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas. To add to your experience, the trekking path to Ruinsara Tal filled with wild purple orchids is one of the rarest Himalayan trails in Uttarakhand. The interesting mythological mention of this valley in the ancient epic of Mahabharat comes alive in the tiny villages along the trekking route. The villages here, some of which are almost 3000 years old, look like stuck back in the time of Mahabharat with their laid-back lifestyle. The rich culture, intricately carved wooden architecture and the wild surrounding dwelled by barasingha and wild boars can be enjoyed by navigating through Har ki Dun and Ruinsara Tal Valley.

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Trekking in the Himalayas can be done throughout the year. There are Himalayan trek packages available for summer as well as winter treks. Although summer months are ideally suited for trekking expeditions in the Himalayas, winter or monsoon treks are also pretty popular among seasoned trekkers who are looking for an added sense of adventure.