There is a reason why Uttarakhand in India has named the Land of Gods. Gangotri, a sacred place for Hindu pilgrimages, lies in Uttarakhand. Several pilgrims undertake the arduous journey to the source of Ganga to absorb the spiritual energy of the sages who once lived here. More recently, trekking in Uttarakhand has begun gaining popularity as a recreational adventure sport.

Home to Nanda Devi (the second tallest Indian peak) and 700 million other peaks, Uttarakhand is the go-to destination for both experienced trekkers and first-timers. The best trekking season in Uttarakhand falls between April to June and October and November.

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Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal Trek - Tour

Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal Trek

  • 8 Nights 9 Days
Starting from ₹ 13,999

Har ki Dun at an altitude of 3566 meter is a delightful trekking experience in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand beginning in the village of Sankri. The valley is also the birth place of the River Tons which creates a panoramic vista through its serpentine route. Melting Jaundhar glacier and twittering of the Himalayan Monal melt the hearts of every onlooker. The wild flora and Fauna of the pristine valley clad in olive green pine trees and the fluttering wild flowers is also a sight to behold. On top of this, the view of the Kalanag peak (6,387 m), Swargarohini I (6,252m), Bandarpunch (6,316) and the low lying Hata peak , gives you a glimpse of all the major peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas. To add to your experience, the trekking path to Ruinsara Tal filled with wild purple orchids is one of the rarest Himalayan trails in Uttarakhand. The interesting mythological mention of this valley in the ancient epic of Mahabharat comes alive in the tiny villages along the trekking route. The villages here, some of which are almost 3000 years old, look like stuck back in the time of Mahabharat with their laid-back lifestyle. The rich culture, intricately carved wooden architecture and the wild surrounding dwelled by barasingha and wild boars can be enjoyed by navigating through Har ki Dun and Ruinsara Tal Valley.

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Pin Bhabha Pass Trek - Tour

Pin Bhabha Pass Trek

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
Starting from ₹ 19,999

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek, is a high altitude mountain pass that crosses over from Bhaba valley in Kinnaur Himachal to the magnificient Pin valley in Spiti. Starting from Kafnu which boasts Hydel Power projects, the trail quickly leads into remote forest and from the very first day we encouter significant landscape change, which is a feature that encompass every trekking day during the journey. The maximum altitude that we achieve during the trek is 16,105 Feet, which in itself can be challenging, but is worth the effort. The trek concludes at Mud village, which is where the mighty Pin Parvati Pass trek concludes as well. Add in a few more days to explore around the Spiti valley, such as Kaza, Hikkim, Key etc & it is one remarkable trip, a tale for a lifetime.

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Rupin Pass Trek - Tour

Rupin Pass Trek

  • 7 Nights 8 Days
Starting from ₹ 17,999

It is a remote and beautiful trek from Uttarakhand (Dhaula) to Himachal Pradesh (Sangla), following the Rupin River. The alpine meadows in the Govind National Park and the views along the way are outstanding. The trek passes through several villages and shepherd camps in the Rupin river valley. Rupin is a tributary of the Tons river and meets Supin River at Netwar. This part of the Himalayas is very beautiful and has not been spoilt by development. One can witness the Garhwali culture as well as the Kinnauri culture. There is a stark difference between the two and the most prominent indicator is the style of houses. During the early summer months, it is highly likely that one may encounter snow leading up-to the pass. This makes this trek enthralling.

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Valley Of Flowers - Tour

Valley Of Flowers

  • 5 Nights 6 Days
Starting from ₹ 12,999

A mystical walk through the valley that opens up to a flower bed, with peaks and glacier in background and a river bed; Valley of flowers is an ultimate destination for nature lovers. Situated between the Zanskar and the Great Himalayan ranges, Valley of Flowers is a renowned World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Part of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Valley of Flowers is an important site for botanists, mountaineers and trekkers. It is a region full of rare Himalayan plants and flowers as well as birds, rare in nature; only to be found at a specific altitude. The flora and fauna of the valley is highly fragile and endangered. The national park is surrounded by peaks like Gauri Parbat (6590m), Rataban (6126m) and Kunth Khal (4430m). Pushapavati river also flows through the valley and joins Lakshman Ganga at ghangaria. 

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Kuari Pass Trek - Tour

Kuari Pass Trek

  • 5 Nights 6 Days
Starting from ₹ 12,199

Kuari Pass trek is very popular. The Kuari pass is also known as Curzon's trail since the British viceroy, George Curzon attempted crossing it and loved exploring this area. Though the pass is not very high it offers excellent views of Nanda Devi, Dunagiri and other Himalayan peaks. The Nanda Devi national park and the Rishi Ganga gorge are visible from the first day itself. The eyes are gifted with grand views of the peaks of Chaukhamba massif, Neelkanth, Mana, Kamet, Hathi, Ghodi, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Nanda Devi, Dunagiri.

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Bali Pass Trek - Tour

Bali Pass Trek

  • 8 Nights 9 Days
Starting from ₹ 21,999

Bali Pass is a trekking route that connects the Yamunotri Valley to Har Ki Dun valley through Ruinsara lake. Highlights of the Bali Pass trek are its changing landscapes from pine and fir forests, riverside camps, the surreal villages of Har Ki Dun valley, beautiful waterfalls, alpine lake of Ruinsara, meadows overlooking Swargarohini peak, snow cappped mountain tops and base camp & a thrilling high altitude summit like crossing, and the list goes on. The pass is more approachable from the Har Ki Dun valley as the gradient is less steep and gives good time for the trekkers to acclimatize to the altitude. The trek starts from Sankri and passes through the Govind National Park, which is famous for its wild flowers. It also gives one an opportunity to visit the sacred lake at Ruinsara on the way and to explore the less travelled path over Yamunotri pass to Yamunotri temple. Bali Pass trek has a lot to offer apart from its isolation and a challenging pass climb. We are surrounded either by the mighty Swargarohini or Bandarpunch ranges at almost all times. We get to see Kalanag (Black Peak) up close. This peak was first summited by Jack Gibson in 1955 and the students of Doon school. We spend a full day beside the glacial Ruinsara Lake, and walk across the two delightfully pretty meadows of Devsu Thatch and Thanga. One of our camps will be beside a waterfall and another one lies above 4,000m. We stand a chance of spotting some of the wildlife of the Uttarakhand Himalayas — monals, the Himalayan ibex and the endangered brown bear.

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Har ki Dun - Tour

Har ki Dun

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
Starting from ₹ 11,999

About the Kuari Pass   Located in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, Kuari, which means 'doorway' in the local language, lies south of the Tibet border and on the western edge of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve It is surrounded on all sides by imposing mountain ranges that include the Kamet, which extends up to a dizzying height of 25,446 feet. About the Kuari Pass trek   The Kuari Pass trail is one of the few trekking destinations that are open in the winter and is a popular end-of-the-year trek. Also known as the Lord Curzon Trail, this trek is a moderately challenging one. Barring one day when you’ll put your climbing muscles to the test as you climb to Pangarchulla Peak, which stands tall at 15,419 feet. Your guides will take you through a brief course on climbing techniques, and may even rope up certain sections if needed. The trek is perfect for beginners and those who want to experience the grandeur and majesty of the Himalayas. What you’ll do on the Kuari Pass trek   The Kuari Pass trail takes you through endless green meadows, alpine forests, and past towering Himalayan peaks. As trekkers walk through lush fields, drink from alpine streams and visit remote villages, they are rewarded with enchanting 360-degree views of the Chaukhamba Range to one side while the summits of Mana, Kamet and Abl Gamin extend on the other side all the way to the Tibet border. At night, you and your group will stop at magnificent campsites, enjoying delicious hot meals and sleep like babies in fresh, warm sleeping bags under the stars. As you approach the snow-covered slopes near Pangarchulla, you’ll receive the full mountain experience of roping up and clambering over boulders. There's no half-ways on this trek. Every sight, every peak, every meadow - the scenery is larger than life and makes for a dramatic trek that you'll never forget. Best season for the Kuari Pass trek   During the summer, the trek is gorgeous, and will give you unlimited views of greenery and mountain peaks in the distance. The camping experience is wonderful, and you’ll have cool nights and pleasant days. However, if you’re looking for a fun challenge, try the Kuari Pass winter trek. The trails are covered in snow, and you’ll have stunning views of the landscape blanketed in white. In the winter, the Kuari Pass trek is even more magnificent, thanks to the blankets of snow covering everything. During this trek, you’ll get to see how winter completely transforms the green pine forests and the stark rock faces into sparkling white perfection. The trail gives you some of the finest views of Himalayan giants like Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, and Trishul. It is said that the views on the Kuari Pass winter trek are the best in the Indian Himalayas  

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Deoriatal Chopta Chandrashila - Tour

Deoriatal Chopta Chandrashila

  • Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • 3 Nights 4 Days
Starting from ₹ 9,999

Chandrashilla trek offers not only much-needed peace and tranquility in life from time to time but also offers magnificent views of the Chaukhamba range in Uttarakhand. The presence of Deoriatal in the vicinity also spices up the vacation offering complete solitude aside a lake. In winters, you can even plan an adventurous snow trek to both Tungnath and Deoriatal. At times, Chandrashilla becomes unreachable due to the presence of too much snow ahead of Tungnath and the risk of having a fatal incident.

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Kedarkantha Trek - Tour

Kedarkantha Trek

  • Subhash Nagar, Uttarakhand
  • 5 Nights 6 Days
Starting from ₹ 6,500

One of the most popular winter treks in Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha Trek is a trekker’s delight and rookie’s rite of passage due to its relative ease. Covered in sparkling snow during winters, this trek offers breathtaking view of the majestic Himalayan peaks. It also offers trekkers a unique opportunity to experience the life in the remotest of villages in dead winter! Kedarkantha trek gives you the unsurpassed beauty, magnificent views of charming villages, meadows, snow paths, dramatic landscape dotted with lovely lakes, mountains, tranquil rivers and the great Himalayan peaks. The Kedarkantha trek also provides a great opportunity to view the scenic beauty and feel the experience of the life of remote villages of Uttarakhand Himalayas.

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