Who We Are

We started Time Travelers with the sole intention in mind- to make travelling better and accessible to every adventure lover. The seed of this idea came into fruition in October 2020, when Time Travelers went for their first-ever adventure to Harishchandragad in the breathtaking mountain ranges of Sahyadri. 
Say hello to your favourite travel company which fulfils the needs of every type of traveller in you. We organise treks and camps for the leisure loving weekend traveller, backpacking tours for the nomad in you, packaged tour to historical places like Hampi for the history-loving one, and Goa for the party-loving one. We also offer customised plans tailored to every traveller's requirements. 
We strive to give our customers unforgettable experiences with our diverse tour packages- a mix of thrill, mountains, beaches, food, and a bagful of memories. 
So what are you waiting for? Come join us on our next adventure!

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